Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ever hung out in a cemetery? I know, kinda of strange. I am writing about my grandfather who passed away years ago. In the process, I am doing research which sent me to the cemetery for dates on tombstones. I'm standing there and my imagination goes wild. Here's what I mean:

The years of birth and death are the same - 1900. The name is simply Baby. I picture a sobbing family gathered at this very spot over 100 years ago. Their tiny baby gone.

Here is another stone that is obviously military. It is a son who died in WWII. Again, a distraught family at this very spot burying their son who sacrificed his life for our freedom.

Then something strange - a tombstone with a husband and wife's name, but one grave. Not side by side like others, but one mound of dirt. My father told me the story. Their plan was that when the first one died, which happened to be the husband, he would be buried. When the second spouse died, which happened to be several years later, she would be cremated. Then a hole would be dug down to his coffin and her ashes laid to rest with him. They must have loved each other greatly. Don't you want to love like that?

Yes, many amazing, sad, and happy stories from the cemetery. Some day people will stand at your spot, at your tombstone. It may be a spouse or a child or even a stranger like me. It will happen. You are headed for the cemetery. There's no way around it unless the Lord comes first. But listen, your story - the message you leave behind, is the one you are building while you live. LIVE STRONG!

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